Spicy Chai

How to Make Spicy Chai

I don't usually post recipes, but I am in love with this one that I picked up on the road. Well, I picked part of it up on the road, the rest I improvised based on Ayurveda. Either way, it's a keeper. I see the birth of a new segment "Recipes from the Road." I learned to make the basic chai blend at Seattle's Market Spice www.marketspice.com (more on that later- best shop EVER!)

Note: You can use any tea in this recipe. I use Rooibos because it's an incredibly nutritious tea (anti-oxidants galore) and is caffeine free. Traditionally a black tea is used.

Spicy Chai to Enliven a Dreary Seattle Afternoon:

What You'll Need:

You'll need a mortar and pestle and a french press or the equivalent (coffee grinder, loose tea bags, etc.)


2 Cups boiled water

2 heaping teaspoons of rooibos tea

2 teaspoons of green cardamom pods

1 teaspoon of cinnamon flakes

1 teaspoon of whole cloves

1/2 teaspoon of whole peppercorns

1/8 teaspoon ground turmeric


Bring your water to a boil

Place the loose rooibos tea, the cinnamon flakes and the turmeric in the bottom of your french press or loose tea bag

In the mortar, grind your pepper just until it begins to crack open revealing the white interior

Add the pepper to your french press or tea bag

In the mortar, grind your clove

Add the clove to your french press or tea bag

Peel open your cardamom pods to release the seeds

Pile your cardamom seeds into the mortar and mash to release the aroma and flavor

Add the cardamom to the french press or tea bag. Pour the boiling water into the french press or steep your tea bag for five minutes.

Pour and enjoy!

And since there is no caffeine, guess who loves it too...

* This recipe produced a 120z batch of chai, two teacups worth!

What is your favorite recipe from the road?