Shlagel Farms

Pumpkin Picking At Shlagel Farms

IMG_8628 This week in New York, we experienced the first snowfall of the year. A brief and glittery show of wonder, it drew our attention to things to come.

How is it that autumn seems to slip so quickly into ether? The smell of leaves, replaced by angular barren trees, biting wind, holiday carols and the inevitable dark descent into the slushy biting winter.

So before I begin posting about holiday getaways and wintery escapes, I'd like to give one more ode' to autumn- crispy, colorful, aromatic, earthy, winsome, autumn.

One of my favorite farms to visit in October is Shlagel Farms in Waldorf, Maryland. A working farm in its 101st year of operation, a trip to Shlagel Farms is as informative as it is picturesque, family friendly and engaging.

The main house at Shlagel Farms. This family owned and operated farm has been in operation for over a century!

There are a ton of kid friendly activities at Shlagel Farms. From a corn kernel sandbox, to a petting zoo, to a playground and mini-maze, there are many ways to entertain finicky little-ones.

It's so much easier to clean corn out of your child's hair and clothes then sand!

I spent a lot of time looking into this turkey's eyes. He was such a gentle steady soul.

I love wild mushrooms. I think they're so beautiful.

And of course, the belles of the ball- the pumpkins!


Shlagel Farms

12850 Shlagel Rd, Waldorf, MD 20601

(301) 645-4554