What is the most memorable thing you've gulped down on your travels? Giveaway Time!

Congrats - James, Krista, and Fred!!!! Tea is coming your way!!!

Dear Readers,

I've got a giveaway for you! This one is months overdue, as it was supposed to correlate with my Alaska posts in September, but I forgot. I put the goodies away, and as they say "out of sight, out of mind..." until now.

When I was in Alaska this Fall, I encountered a rich cranberry tea that is popular with locals. Cranberry's are abundant in Alaska during the warmer months and have been used for centuries to make aromatic teas that soothe the digestive system and cleanse the blood while providing tons of antioxidants and vitamin C. Most importantly, Alaskan Cranberry Tea is tasty and is a soothing way to begin or end your day (caffeine free).

I've got three packets to give away. All you have to do is answer the following question:

What is the most memorable thing you've gulped down on your travels?

Although it is tasty, the Alaskan Cranberry Tea isn't the most memorable thing I've ever gulped down during my travels. I think my favorite beverage was the warm mulled apple cider that I had while visiting my friend Lynne in Montreal. It was freezing cold outside and we entered the Jean-Talon market which smelled so amazing. Everywhere I went, my nostrils were met with the aroma of clove and cinnamon. Finally I asked Lynne what I was smelling and she told me it was a local cider. We popped into a shop, ordered a cup and it was unbelievably amazing. The apple cider was almost buttery, it was so rich and layered and mmmm.... I think about that cider often.

How about you?

Winners will be announced on Monday, March 11.

Stay Warm!