Hartford, Connecticut: A Partial Photo Essay with some musings on the side

  My blog is called Sojourner’s Sojourns, but in reality these days I am rarely just Sojourner. A time not long ago I was simply Sojourner, a curious traveler, often going solo, usually volunteering, most likely you’d find me in a rural village, bare feet in red earth or floating on my back in the ocean.


Now, I travel always with Ohm, my ten-month-old co-conspirator. He’s a great wingman, a cheerful and easy-going companion. Now, I travel often with Mark, my husband, my partner in crime. Our travel personalities are compatible -usually. After three days I drive him crazy; I’m an interactive traveler, he prefers repose.


I have to take breaks often when I travel with Ohm. Unable to see and do everything, I’ve started to rely on Mark to capture images for me. He’s not too shabby.  He thinks he’s ready to go pro.


While in Hartford recently, due to the Puerto Rican Day parade and a certain Mr. Cranky Pants who is cutting his top teeth, I wasn’t able to shoot as many pictures as needed to complete my photo essay. In stepped Mark who captured the following images. Here is our photo essay.