Aurthur Avenue in the Bronx is the Best Place to Find Authentic Italian Food!

So, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. It just so happens that on our last visit to New York we rediscovered Arthur Ave.  

What's so great about that you say? 

Well, I'll tell you! 

Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is the best place to find authentic Italian Food in New York! 

I kid you not! 


Hidden deep in the insane hustle and bustle of the Bronx lies the original Little Italy! Although many of those original inhabitants have moved away, an entire network of restaurants and shops remain. 

Aurthur Avenue in the Fordham section of the Bronx is an Italian food lovers dream! 

And our very favorite place to dine is none other than the neighborhood staple- Marios. 


Historic, Zagat rated and full of charm, Marios will not disappoint. 


 The service is fast and attentive. 

 The atmosphere, spacious, old world and family friendly. 

 The food is simply amazing! 

Everything is good! 

From the warm crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside bread and olive oil to the wine (and they've got quite a selection) Marios is sure to satisfy. 


 The pasta dishes are light and bursting with richness. 


 The dessert- I recommend the cannoli cream cake ( take a moment and imagine that).  I assure you that whatever you imagined was nothing close to the moist, creamy, richness of Marios cannoli cream cake!

Even the coffee that goes with the dessert is bold and flavorful. Every detail is expertly tended to.

Perhaps that's why people  come from all over the tri-state region to enjoy Marios. 

Marios ( 2342 Arthur Ave. Bronx)

So now you know!  


Modern Art Lives in the Bronx!

So, what is there to do in the Bronx? Good question.

The Bronx is one of those New York City boroughs that exists as a mystery to many. Barring Yankee Stadium, The Botanical Gardens and the Bronx Zoo...what is there to do? Art, good restaurants, charming neighborhoods, stunning landmarks- the Bronx just doesn't have a reputation for these things. Most tourists don't venture this far north, many New Yorkers don't either. So what's there?

I don't have an answer. The Bronx is an enigma. Despite commuting an hour and a half each way Monday through Friday to work, I know little about the area. I literally hop off the train, walk five blocks to work and then reverse.

So I've decided to challenge myself to step outside of my Brooklyn/Manhattan comfort zone. For the next few weeks, I'm going to take the time to explore the Bronx.

My first stop- The Bronx Museum of the Arts

Located on the gritty Grand Concourse, the Bronx Museum of the Arts is a small contemporary art museum rooted in the Bronx community where it is located. Founded in 1971, the museum attracts both international and local visitors and has a steady rotation of exhibits on display alongside the museums extensive (over 1,000 items) permanent collection.

The first exhibit that I visited was Paulo Brusky's. A Brazilian activist and artist, his work is both thought provoking and inspiring.

A series of pictures taken of Bruscky wearing his art.

More Bruscky photographs and collages.

These are just a few images to show Bruscky's range. Highly political, a promoter of free speech and unity, the Bruscky exhibit is one that you won't soon forget.


The Tony Feher exhibit was absolutely refreshing. It really made me think about everyday materials as art. This exhibit was all about using/recycling found materials as art. So many possibilities...

Discarded broom handles!

Bottles and a touch of paint!





A tower of cartons

A plush carpet with marbles set in pattern.



The Bronx Museum of the Arts

1040 Grand Concourse

Bronx, New York 10456



The Bronx River Forest

A series of shelf mushrooms cling to the trunk of a tree in the Bronx River Forest. These mushrooms serve the vital purpose of decomposition.  



















For a unique New York City experience, explore the Bronx River Forest. That's right, Bronx forest. There is a forest in the Bronx. A true, honest to goodness forest. If I didn't see it for myself, I never would have believed the stories of its existence.

You descend into the Bronx River Forest, much as you would any other city park. Follow the downward sloping path into a surprising gathering of trees, note the sudden quiet, the thickening canopy of green above, the soothing hum of rushing water, the call and response of cicadas, you are suddenly transformed. The air is decidedly clear. Your feet sink into the fluffy soil below. You've discovered a special place.

The Bronx River Forest is home to many medicinal plants such as mugwart and witch hazel.





















One of the oldest forests in New York City and a natural flood plain, the Bronx River Forest, home to the magnificent 23 mile Bronx river, is the perfect place to explore walking trails, go fishing, or rafting. Whether you live in the city and are looking for an autumn day trip or are visiting the city and want to do a little more than pound the pavement, the Bronx River Forest is a sanctuary worthy of exploration.

Exiting the walking trail

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