Breathtaking Beacon, New York: A Photo Essay

It has happened. I've started a full time job after my two year hiatus to raise Ohm, write and travel. To say that this adjustment has been easy, would be a lie. The days are long, my 90-minute each way commute from Brooklyn to the Bronx is insane, having two viable hours in which to spend time with my son and husband while trying to make time to write and travel has taken creativity, humor and patience. In the spirit of carrying on by all means necessary, I will  focus for the next few months on weekend getaways.

Autumn seems the perfect season to launch this exploration. It is the quintessential season of the quick crisp weekend away.

Last weekend, Ohm and I, along with my friend Freddy, set out to explore breathtaking Beacon, New York. It was the perfect Saturday day trip from New York.

Now that I'm back in Brooklyn, all I can think about is the shining sapphire view of the Hudson, the Victorian charm of Main St., and the artistic quirk of the boutiques and galleries.

Beacon, is spectacular!


Deep in the Hudson River Valley, about an hours drive from Manhattan, lies a stunning and artistic little town called Beacon. The drive alone, along the Taconic, through Westchester County, past Bear Mountain and beyond Putnam, New York (probably not in this exact order) is a serene field of green and calm.


Whether for the day as we did, or for an overnight stay at one of the beautiful colonial Bread and Breakfasts, Beacon, New York is a destination that is sure to invigorate your soul.

Stay tuned for more quick trip ideas!