Amethyst: The Incredible Healing and Calming Gem

If I had to choose one and only one crystal to have and to hold and be my companion, I would, without a moment of hesitation go with AMETHYST... the Incredible Healing and Calming Gem!



A rough, deep purple amethyst to be specific.


Ever since childhood when I mistakenly identified my birthstone as amethyst, (alas, June is actually Alexandrite…) I’ve been attracted to the radiant purple gem.


It’s not a natural choice since purple is not a color I usually vibrate towards. Some people are unabashedly attracted to the color purple,  I’m not one of those people. Green and turquoise have always been my spirit colors. Color preference aside, amethyst is still my soul gem.


Maybe it was my natural attraction to healing work, my connection with the moon, the pitta portion of my Ayurvedic constitution in constant need being tamed, but whatever the case, amethyst, it turns out is the perfect gem for yoga instructor, reiki healer, writer, and lover of quiet, me.




Amethyst: The Incredible Healing and Calming Gem

·             Amethyst calms, protects and cleanses the spirit

·             Amethyst is grounding and balancing

·             Amethyst aids in meditation as it correlates directly with and stimulates the crown chakra and is known to heighten spiritual and psychic awareness

·             Amethyst eases anxiety, emotional imbalance and agitation

·             Amethyst helps to bring about clarity of thought

·             Amethyst is known to emit energy to help strengthen the adrenal glands, the reproductive organs and the respiratory system

·             Amethyst boosts the immune system

·             Amethyst helps with grief and loss

·             Amethyst is known to energize and foster creativity

·             Amethyst has been used to attract abundance and prosperity

·             Amethyst is a heart opener

·             Amethyst helps to free anger and repressed emotions



I use amethyst jewelry when I’m engaged in healing work, I sleep with an amethyst next to my bed, there’s an amethyst at my yoga altar, I place amethyst around my plants and there’s an amethyst stone at my writing desk.


I adore my soul stone and choose amethyst, when it comes down to it, above all others.

What's your favorite stone and why?