South Beach

South Beach Off-Peak: A Photo Essay

South Beach MiamiIn November, my friend Krista and I  indulged in a girls weekend away from the shivering hustle and bustle of New York.

South Beach, Miami in November ran at just my pace. Relaxed, sleepy, not at all crowded and not too hot or humid. We were able to kick back and relax, enjoy the amazing restaurants, meditate on the beach, go shopping and indulge in the awesome night life, without having to deal with loud crowds.

South Beach in November is ideal if you are not a fan of crows and if you don't mind a little chill in the air. The beaches, were so calm and quiet. We were always able to secure a lawn chair and were never closer than forty feet to another soul.

It was a bit windy. The palm trees swayed with the wind, leaves rustling. The temperature was in the 70's for the most part, though we did reach the high 80's one day.

Miami has so many luxury and boutique hotels to choose from. We particularly liked The Raleigh off of the Collins strip. The food here is delicious!


Chess anyone? This set was in the garden of the Delano, another gorgeous hotel on Collins. Make sure you take a stroll through the Delano's lobby which features a super long runway and a hip and quirky interior design.

A mural near downtown South Beach

Relaxing by the pool after brunch at The Raleigh



So here it is, proof that Miami can be enjoyed during the off-peak season. We had so much fun, we're planning to return in November of 2014.


What Do You Desire?

What Do You Desire?IMG_8779

What do you desire?

This was the question that sent hundreds of women into a fantastic frenzy during Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend 2013- Miami.

Three days of intense soul searching, networking, courses, lectures, and fun, Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend Miami is an annual event hosted by bestselling author, coach, and motivational speaker Regena Thomashauer aiming to shake women at their core and help them get in touch with the desires and passions that light their existence.

Up and down the South Beach strip, adorned in pink feather boas (Mama Geena's quirky weapon of choice), we could be spotted for miles. In so many ways the gathering felt like a collective sisterhood.

At the bar in the Catalina, sporting my temporary tattoo.

We met at the convention center for lively workshops and inspiring courses.

We relaxed by the pool at The Raleigh (another hotel hosting Worldwide Sister Goddess events).

Every night there was a celebration to attend.

And of course there was the beautiful turquoise  beach.

Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend 2014 will be here before you know it.

If you're a woman, grab your girlfriends and make a weekend of it. If you're a man, tell a woman you love, whether it's your wife, mother, daughter or girlfriend.

Empowering women to see and be their authentic selves is Mama Geena's mission and there's no better setting for this work, than beautiful and vibrant South Beach, Miami.

Miami in November

South Beach Miami Despite being overcast, it was comfortably warm.

An hour after the rain, an hour before the next, the air was sweet with humidity.

Clouds drifted quickly overhead, revealing layers, shapes and shadows. It was a quiet afternoon.

The humming and spitting of the ocean, the granules of sand accumulating in your hair, in the distance a man seated in the sand plays the saxophone, the ease of your exhale.

Miami in November can be unpredictable, but it is a predictably wonderful break from late autumn in New York City.