How does it work?

Before our first virtual yoga class, we will chat on the phone for about 15 minutes so I can get an idea of what type of class would best serve you based upon your interests, concerns, injuries, etc.

After our conversation, I’ll email a waiver for you to sign.

On the day of our class, I will call you at our agreed upon time. You will need to simply set your computer on a table or chair or prop your smart phone on a tripod.

We’ll make sure that we can both see and hear each other clearly before we begin our session.

Similar to an in-person class, in virtual yoga classes I will lead you through a yoga session using clear verbal cues as I demonstrate postures. If you have any questions, you are always free to ask. This experience is for you.

After our session, I will email the yoga sequence that we worked on together so that you may continue your practice at home.

Virtual yoga classes are perfect for beginners, busy people who work from home, experienced yogis looking to deepen their practice and fine tune certain poses, busy moms and dads, yoga curious people who don't live near a studio, and everyone in between :)

I offer virtual yoga classes in the following formats:

Beginners Yoga . Intermediate/Advanced Yoga . Kids Yoga . Restorative Yoga

We will incorporate chairs and props as needed!

virtual yoga classes

1- 60 minute (virtual) class - $55.00

4 class special (virtual) - $200.00