Achieve balance and calm with Reiki!

Reiki is universal energy that can be harnessed and sent anywhere at any time to anyone. The energy of Reiki transcends time and space and is always compassionate. I am available for both in person Reiki healing in the DC Metro Area & New York City, as well as remote Reiki via phone. 


How does an in person Reiki session work? 

If you're looking for Reiki healing in the DC Metro Area or New York City, I'm happy to work with you in-person. I am a traveling practitioner and make myself available to visit with you at your home or workplace. 

Prior to our session you may want to prepare a playlist of relaxing music. If you don't have a playlist on hand, no worries, I always have some options.

The day of our session, you'll either come to me or I'll arrive at our agreed-upon location with my massage table, crystals, essential oils and sage. After a quick chat, we'll begin.

You'll lay on the table fully clothed (most likely with a pillow beneath your head and knees for comfort). After clearing the energy, I'll place crystals on and or around you before placing my hands on or above your body. In this action, the laying on of hands, I will draw upon "life force energy" to balance your chakras and stimulate and balance your energy.

Reiki is not massage. Drawing upon the sacred symbols, I will lay my hands over you to facilitate the transference of healing energy in the form of a series of hand positions on your head, torso and back.

To aid with relaxation, I use essential oils, sound therapy, intention setting and draw upon crystals to enhance the vibration and transference of energy.

At the culmination of our session, you will feel balanced, serene and refreshed, as if your journey inwards were a vacation.

How does a remote Reiki session work?

Distance does not in any way interfere with the powerful healing and balancing energy of Reiki, making remote sessions an excellent option for those who either lack the time or ability to travel for a session.

As a Reiki master, I'll draw upon Reiki's ancient healing symbols to facilitate an energetic connection between us. You can expect sensations of deep relaxation and peace, the sense you're being wrapped in a warm cosmic hug.

Our remote phone session will last 30 minutes.

Before the session, I will gather your full name and your location (including timezone). At an agreed-upon time, you'll retreat to a peaceful space and receive your Reiki energy.

You'll want to find a space where you will be free to relax. I suggest wearing comfortable clothes, dimming the lights, perhaps lighting candles and or listening to relaxing music.

At our session's conclusion, I will send you a report via email or phone (depending upon your preference) and will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Who is Reiki for?

  • Reiki is for everybody!

  • Reiki is meant to restore balance in every living being.

  • Reiki energy is restorative and grounding. It's a powerful tool for stress and anxiety relief and works to balance acute illness and harmonize emotional imbalance.

  • Everyone, from colicky infants to arthritic elderly individuals can benefit from this safe and therapeutic practice.

Reiki can be administered both in person and remotely!

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I also offer Reiki Level I & II Private and Group Trainings - $250 (Level1), $300 (Level 2) 

people are saying....

“I was feeling stuck, imbalanced and stressed before my reiki session with Sojourner. She offered a very nurturing and grounding healing session and gave me some insight on my throat chakra. It was a very powerful experience that offered me a greater sense of clarity and peace. I highly recommend seeing Sojourner and learning more about reiki and how it can bring positive change in your life. Thank you Sojourner for your love, light and compassion.”

-Katt Aubry, Washington DC

“My first Reiki session was unexpected. I was pleasantly surprised. My second session was AMAZING!! I felt the shift in my body, my disposition, my thought process. Sojourner’s aura and disposition is so warm that you instantly gravitate to her and for that I am a forever client. Thanks!”

- Ebony Smith, New York, New York

"First, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to not only let me vent, but also provide some much needed friendly support. With all that was going on prior and during that day, I was quite overwhelmed. The distance Reiki you performed helped me to grant myself permission to let go and allow whatever was going to happen, happen. Afterwards, my spirit felt lighter and I felt more focused. Lately I have been doing what you suggested regarding meditation, especially since the car accident I was involved in. Continue with the great work you’re doing! "

— A. Ellis, Buffallo, New York (Long Distance Reiki)