Lavender Aloe Salve

IMG_0437.JPG This weekend, my dear friend Krista gave me a gorgeous cutting from an aloe she's growing.

The hearty cutting was just oozing aloe gel and my herbalist heart skipped a beat, for it was time to make a salve.

A few weeks ago, I posted an all natural antiseptic recipe, this salve can compliment that recipe as an ointment to apply afterwards, or you can use it alone.

My aloe and lavender salve is gentle, will not sting, and provides relief and cleaning to minor wounds, burns and scrapes.

Lavender essential oil, is not only wonderfully fragrant, calming and floral, it also serves as a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Lavender naturally moisturizes the skin, reduces swelling and eases pain.

Aloe vera is cooling and is very effective at treating inflammation. Aloe also aids in the regeneration of cells, helping to heal wounds quickly as well as to reduce scarring.

It's really the perfect marriage!

To make the salve, simply follow these instructions:


I used a 1/2 0z. container, the proportions therefore reflect this measurement.

First, I cut off a section of the aloe trimming. I took from the widest point to yield the most gel. I cut the leaf in half and slowly allowed my aloe gel and juice to drip into my container. Once full of aloe vera gel, I aded five drops of lavender essential oil before capping my jar and giving it a good shake to mix. IMG_0441.JPG

When I'm ready to use, I apply with a cotton ball to avoid contaminating the batch with my fingers. As long as it's in an airtight jar, this salve can be stored in a cool dark place and will last for several months (hence the small 1/2 oz. batch).

Remember, this can be used alone as a mild and gentle antiseptic, or you can apply this salve after my natural antiseptic as a cooling calming salve to promote regeneration and healing.