Using Crystals to Heal and Balance Your Chakras

Your are either a crystal person, or you aren't. This is not a post to try to make crystal converts out of you. Instead, I hope this post is practical and applicable for those of you who are... shall we say, "crystal curious," or active crystal practitioners. This is for those of you interested in learning to use crystals to heal and balance your chakras. 


I'm going to try to be clear and to the point with this post. The chakra system, energy, the etherial body, vibrations can feel really esoteric and can leave even a seasoned yogi or energy worker cross eyed. The more I learn, the more I realize I have so much to learn, because there are so many doors that open the more you dig. 

Using Crystals to Heal and Balance Your Chakras


Crystals are powerful and healing in so many ways. Due to their particular vibrational grids, they have the ability to elevate energy and increase the vibratory frequency of specific chakra focal points. In this way, crystals are an excellent addition to chakra balancing work. 

Crystals enhance healing by raising the vibration in a particular energy center (chakra) to bring about a desired effect. 

Crystals are all unique and contain their own energies and vibrations. Our chakra points also contain energies and vibrations. When two energetic/vibrating objects are placed in proximity, they rise to the frequency of the highest vibration. This is the Law of Vibration. Everything is energy, everything vibrates.

So, let's say, your root chakra is blocked and needs energy and an increased vibration in order for it to find balance. Placing a crystal that corresponds with the energy of the root chakra on or around your root chakra will help raise your root chakras vibration and create balance. 

Additionally, choosing certain crystals for their color can help to open and balance a particular chakra since our chakras correspond with a particular colors and color energies that are present in crystals. 

There are many ways to use crystals in chakra healing:


1) You can lay on your back and line crystals along your chakras and go into meditation 

2) You can place your desired crystals on an alter and meditate nearby

3) You can hold your chosen crystals in your hands as you meditate

4) You can strategically keep certain crystals on your person ex) in pockets, in buns, in bras, in amulet pouches

What crystals correspond with the different chakras? 


There are so many different options when it comes to crystals that work with the various chakras. I'm going to highlight a few. This is in no way a definitive list. The best way to decide which crystals to work with is to feel the energy of the crystal. Let your crystal choose you!

Root Chakra (red) - Red or black tourmaline, red jasper, garnet

Sacral Chakra (orange) - Carnelian, smokey quartz

Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow) - Citrine, tiger eye

Heart Chakra (green) - Adventurine, ammonite, rose quartz

Throat Chakra (turquoise) - Sodalite, avngelite, blue calcite

Third Eye Chakra (indigo) - Amethyst, lapis lazuli

Crown Chakra (violet) - Clear quartz, rock quartz

Here's a quick diagram of how the chakras line up in the body


Should I quit my day job and become an artist? - lol

What are your favorite crystals to use to heal and balance your chakras?