Travel Writing

10 Publications to Launch your Travel Writing


Dreaming of a feature in National Geographic, or a coveted job with a leading travel guide? Work your way to top by submitting to the following publications. If you are fledgling travel writer and are looking for a home for your best pieces, here are ten publications that you should consider.

1. TravMonkey is an online forum for world travelers. The articles on this site feature top ten lists and tips to make your next adventure one to remember. The site is designed for travelers who want to be in the know. Send queries to Editor Paul Dow at and check out the website at Approx $20 per article.

2. Pilot Guides Online publishes travel narratives pertaining to a specific activity or region. The site is inspiring and provides readers with a personal story to go along with a specific country, town, or landmark. The Pilot Guides Online site belongs to the same company that publishes the paperback travel guides as well as the television show Globe Trekker. To submit, send your article (300-600 words), complete with pictures to Enter “travel story” in the subject field. You can check out the website at (click community). There is no payment.

3. AFAR Magazine publishes articles relating to culture, eco-travel and off the beaten path travel itineraries. The publication is new and targets travelers who prefer to travel off of the main roads for the purpose of experiencing another culture as opposed to those interested in resort stays. There are several departments to submit articles to. It is best to read the magazine and get a sense of each section. The editors accept queries only and can be reached at The website can be found at Payment is arranged when the query is accepted.

4. Earthwalkers Magazine is a youthful, hip magazine with the aim of getting people out into the world to travel. Articles cover food, tips and advice and festivals. To write for the magazine you must become a member. Once you join the community, you have the option of requesting the writing assignment mailing list to be sent to you. Assignments are paid. Articles on average are direct and to the point, under 700 words. Take a look at the website You can expect to make between $10-$150 per article.

5. Transitions Abroad is a magazine that focuses on cultural exchange through working and volunteering abroad and language study. Articles are designed for people in the process of transitioning to life abroad. The editors are in search of inspiring, detailed and practical information. Submissions can be emailed to and you can look at the site at Payment ranges from $50-$150.

6. In The Know Traveler is an online site dedicated to cultural exchange. The editors are interested in travel photography, pieces relating to international music and unique adventures. A story can be sent to the editor Devin Gelaudet at and should be between 450 and 600 words. The pay is ten dollars a story. See for details. Approx. $10 for a story and $3 for a blogpost.

7. Verge Magazine is an online publication dedicated to promoting information about international volunteerism and work/study travel. Contact to submit a query if you have an article idea. The site can be found at Payment negotiated after query.

8. Go Nomad is a site packed with information to help travelers plan for trips. Articles focus on topics such as creative lodging and restaurant picks by region, to tour information and itinerary planning. The articles are narratives and destination pieces and range from 800-2,000 words. Query the editorial staff at You can review the site at The running rate for features is $25.

9. Get Lost is an Australian magazine that highlights extraordinary travel destinations. The magazine seeks to inspire and present obscure locations and viable travel options. Luke Wright is the editor and Kelley Irving is the assistant editor. Write to and include a brief biography, a brief outline of you proposed article, a sample paragraph, and photography samples. You can look at the site at Payment negotiated after query.

10. Perceptive Traveler is a well established travel site in search of excellent writing. In order to be considered for publication, you have to have a published article already elsewhere. Query the editor at and look at the site at Approx. $100 per story.