Travel Snacks

Best Healthy Snacks for Travel

Let's face it, travel can be exhausting. Between long dehydrating flights where you are served bland microwaved food, to lengthy road trips where the only places to pull over seem to have golden arches, travel can deplete your energy and vigor due to limited food choices. Eating a balanced diet on the road, takes much creativity and flexibility. Healthy eating on the road usually means a healthy satisfying trip, so get in there, sample local cuisine, do what you must on that long car ride, but fill in nutrition gaps with these healthy travel snacks. The Best Healthy Snacks for Travel:

1) Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans- Dark chocolate is full of anti-oxidants and flavonoids. A mood enhancer and mild stimulant (due to the caffeine), dark chocolate covered espresso beans will leave you feeling invigorated and upbeat. These are the perfect treats at the end of a very long plane ride. Dark chocolate covered espresso beans will also hold you quite well if you are spending considerable time in a country where you will not be able to find chocolate deserts.

2) Chia Seeds- One tablespoon a day will keep you energized and feeling balanced. Chia seeds are chock full of omega-3's, iron, and fiber and are an excellent anti-oxidant source. Easy to pack (zip-lock bag) and non-perishable, these seeds will keep you going when there's a lack of nutritious food options.

3) Goji Berries- These little red dried berries are full of anti-oxidants and vitamin A. Goji berries contain a compound that serves as an immune system booster, an essential asset to travelers everywhere. Goji berries are super easy to pack (once again zip-lock bag in your carry on) and are non-perishable.

4) Almonds- Sweet, crunchy almonds are a great snack while on the road. Filling and hearty, almonds contain a slew of essential nutrients and vitamins such as calcium, vitamin E, folic acid, magnesium, and zinc. A handful of almonds are a great cure for a hunger headache. I keep a zip-lock bag full of almonds in my carry on at all times. Almonds taste great mixed with goji berries!

5) Seaweed Crackers- My son Ohm is addicted to these mineral rich treats. Rich in vitamins A, B and C, seaweed crackers are pleasantly savory and provide sustained energy and vitality. Seaweed crackers come in thin sheets that are non-perishable and can easily be placed inside a zip-lock bag and popped into a carry on.

6) Ginger Chews- Ginger is a wonderful digestive aid. Ginger treats annoying travel ailments like gas and nausea. Ginger chews (make sure you get real ginger root and not a ginger flavored candy) are small and easy to pack (as they typically come in a tin). Ginger also tastes great and is wonderfully satisfying for those with a sweet tooth.

7) Kale Chips- Can't find fresh vegetables on the road, no problem, kale chips to the rescue. Kale chips are marvelous! Each crispy dehydrated leaf is loaded with all of the vitamins and minerals you'd expect to find in the steamed version. Kale chips are rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, potassium and copper. Easy to pack, Kale chips are a great way to eat your greens on the road!

8) Squeezable Fruit and Veggie Pouches- When you've got a little one, these pouches (there are many brands and varieties) are invaluable. My favorite brand is Ella's because of the many veggie combinations, the thick consistency  and because it's organic. Veggie pouches pack easily and are a wonderful way to ensure a balanced diet. Note, you must refrigerate after opening if your baby or tot doesn't finish the pouch in one sitting.

Exploring the world, doesn't have to mean compromising your health. Packing one or two (or heck- all) of these snacks can leave your mind, body, and spirit invigorated, healthy and vibrant the next time you travel.

What are your favorite travel snacks?