Saratoga Apple

Apple Picking in Saratoga Springs, New York

IMG_8570Stretched before you, are acre upon acre of apple orchard. The afternoon sun, bursts through the leaves cascading downwards in powdery rays you want to run your fingers through.

The trees, low to the ground are heavy with plump apples, not waxy like the ones in the super market, but a bit ashen, some draped in spider webs.

"Apple!!!! Apple!!!!" Ohm implores on his tip toes, eyes hopeful, fingers spread wide atop outstretched arms.

Mark wipes a small apple clean and hands it over. Ohm's fingers close in on the prize as he takes a crispy bite.


He's all teeth, before setting off to explore the rows of apple trees.


Apple picking is one of my favorite autumn activities and being from upstate New York, I must say, we've got the BEST!

From Western New York to Long Island, there is no shortage of apple orchards to choose from. We went to Saratoga Apple in Saratoga Springs, about a three hour drive from New York City.


With acres of apple trees, a farmer's market, live music, hayrides, a baby kangaroo (yes, a kangaroo) and the best hot donuts and cider (possibly in the world), Saratoga Apple was well worth the trek.

Here's how it works, you purchase a bag, there are three sides and you're free to collect as many varieties of apples as you can fit. If you're not sure what apple tickles your fancy, they have apple tastings. I was a big fan of the Crispin!

Once you've got your bag, you have two options really:

a) Set off by foot to pick the apples of your choice

b) Enjoy a tractor ride to the specific apple tree section of your choice (there's a lot of space between the varieties in some instances)

After you've picked your apples, you might as well stay for lunch (there's a cafe), have some hot apple cider and fresh warm donuts (so incredibly amazing!!!), enjoy the live music and browse the farmer's market.

Saratoga Apple, 1174 Route 29, Schuylerville, NY 12871

Have you gone apple picking this year?