Koziar's Christmas Village

Posing with Ohm at the entrance of Koziar's Christmas Village Through the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country we rolled. Through small cozy hamlets and festively lit main streets, past expansive rolling pastures and into the darkness of early evening in early winter.

We passed signs proclaiming- "Celebrate Jesus' Birthday!"

We passed signs announcing "Live Nativity Next Corner!"

Live Nativity? As in, people and animals huddled in makeshift mangers in the freezing cold?  I was not in Brooklyn anymore.

For a moment, we were the only souls on the road, it appeared we would disappear into the velvety black cloak of night, that's when the lights first appeared.

A massive collective of bright lights illuminated the night from the valley below. The lights shone in every color, from every direction, it was difficult to make out the sight before us.

The lights in the distance

The closer we got, the more distinctly the lights took form, until we found ourselves at the brilliant gates of Koziar's Christmas Village.

Once we secured a spot in the massive parking lot and made the twenty minute trek to the front gates, our Christmas spirit was in full swing.