Catskill Mountains

Winter Nuptials Beneath the Stars in the Catskills

There is a place in the mountains where the air is refreshingly crisp. Yesterday's snow lingers forming crunchy banks that glisten in the sun. It is a quiet place, a creative space, where one can withdraw from the outside world and engage their senses. It's a place of brooks and streams and nature trails; where the stars weave an elaborate story as they beam down from the velvety midnight sky. They call this place the Full Moon Resort.

I doubt I would have found my way here, high up in the Catskill mountains, miles past Woodstock on my own. While open to individuals in search of a relaxing weekend or week, the Full Moon Resort is best known as a place for retreats, workshops, music festivals, and weddings. I made my way up the side of the snowy mountain as a guest at a fabulous winter wedding.


My good friend and fellow blogger Tracy (of the IICD and Mozambican posts) chose the Full Moon Resort as the setting for one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever had the pleasure of attending. It was a full weekend affair, that began on a Friday with a bonfire and barbecue, continued on Saturday with the lovely nuptials in a beautiful converted barn, and culminated on Sunday with an afternoon brunch.

The intimate weekend was a special way to celebrate Tracy and her new hubby Mike.

Cell phones do not work at the Full Moon, there are no televisions in the country bed and breakfast style rooms. Guests were out and about, feet crunching through the snow, communing in nature, and catching quiet writing, reading and photography breaks. It was a weekend of love, friendship, and abundant creative inspiration.



With the snow-covered mountains in the close distance, the sound of babbling brooks, and the beautiful wintry scenery, the Full Moon Resort forms an ideal backdrop for winter nuptials beneath the stars.

The Full Moon Resort: 2 Valley View Rd, Big Indian, NY 12410. (845) 254-5117.