Blue Note Jazz Festival

The Blue Note Jazz Festival- Where American Classical Music Lives!


The light from the stage cast a blue glow across the room. It's called the Blue Note after all, so I suppose this was not a coincidence.


The man at the piano, defiantly erect, despite his age, fingers nimbly floating in waves over the keys, was tantalizing.


Abdullah Ibrahim has had a musical career that has spanned generations.

His unique take on jazz music is sweeping, haunting, lulling and evocative.

Originally from South Africa, Ibrahim an outspoken anti-apartheid activist was forced to leave his homeland for Europe and later the States. In his music, you can hear his story, whispers of the past, South African inspired sounds, defiance, unshakable humanity and unwavering hope.

One of the few remaining musicians of his generation, it was an honor to have the opportunity to witness history live at the Blue Note's Jazz Festival.

It's no secret, with my trombonist husband, that we're a jazz family. On this day, the entire family 11 month old, three and a half year old and my husband and I enjoyed dinner and a set at the Blue Note.


As usual, the people seated near us, looked nervously in our direction when they saw us approaching with young children.

As usual, after the set was over, we were approached by people who were shocked, commenting on how well our children behaved saying they would never so much as consider bringing their children or grand-children out to such as event for fear of a revolt.

As usual, I gave my speech about exposure and how children, when exposed to opera, will go to the opera and enjoy it in the same way a retired 60 year old couple would.

At any rate, with or without children, the Blue Note's annual Jazz Festival is not to be missed. The line-up this year is incredible. It's a great excuse to come out and visit the famed venue and enjoy live music in an intimate setting.

The festival which closes June 30th is wrapping up, but it's not too late to catch dinner and a set.

The complex beauty of jazz- America's classical music, is best enjoyed live!