Arthur Ave-

The Original Little Italy- Arthur Avenue in the Bronx

Arthur Avenue the Bronx Little Italy  


Little Italy in the BronxThe Real Little Italy Arthur AvenueItalian FlagIn the congested Belmont section of the Bronx, lies a hidden gem. A singular strip with some twists and turns, Aurthur Avenue also known as the original Little Italy sparkles red, white and green in the afternoon sun.

From old fashioned Italian butcher shops to the ubiquitous pizzerias and bakeries, Aurthur Avenue is one of the best places in the city to go to sample Italian food and culture.

Whether you're into espresso, fresh baked bread, pasta, pizza, wine or baked goods, Arthur Avenue will leave you satisfied and craving your next visit.

The original Little Italy on Arthur Avenue, like many things in the Bronx, is a hidden gem in an unsung borough. On Arthur Avenue,  you will not find crowds. You will not have to contend with tourists and long waits. You will get an authentic and delicious taste of New York Italian culture and food at a relaxed pace, reminiscent of life in the old country.

If you love Italian food, Arthur Avenue is a must!