Anchorage Body Butter

Drawing Inspiration from Anchorage, Alaska

It was around this time two years ago when I first encountered Alaska. As August, slowly dissolved into September, there was a definite chill in the air, a hazy coolness descending from the surrounding mountains.

With great enthusiasm, I set  off to explore Anchorage with its exotic mountainous vitas, babbling glaciers and vibrant autumn colors.

When I think of Anchorage, I am reminded of:

  • Breathing as if for the first time. There's something so invigorating, almost minty, about the air in Alaska. It's crisp, it's so clean, it's saturated in possibility and wonder.
  • The rush of anticipation. Everywhere I went, I was on the lookout for wildlife. The anticipation was thrilling. Will I encounter a school of salmon, a moose, a bear? Despite all of the moose and bear signs, I encountered neither, instead I happened upon a large and very angry elk- SURPRISE!
  • Smoked Salmon- The soft, chewy, flavorful smoked salmon that comes from Alaska is heavenly. Aromatic, rich, slightly oily, if you're a fish person, this is a true treat.
  • Panoramic black mountains at times, barely perceptible, tucked beneath a blanket of crepe-like fog. Mountains add texture and drama to the skyline in Anchorage. Everything else seems so small, almost insecure in their presence.
  • 50 Shades of Gray! As in the sky, after the rain, layered like sedimentary rock, gray upon marbled gray. Gray is indeed a color with personality and charm.

Anchorage, what a pleasure and an honor it was to be in your presence.

The product that was inspired by my adventures in Anchorage is the Anchorage Body Butter, an ultra-moisturizing creamy shea based body butter with hints of peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus.

IMG_7186 If you can’t experience Alaska in person for yourself, take the journey with an Anchorage Body Butter.

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