After Midnight

Head to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre to See What Happens 'After Midnight' !

20140507-174513.jpg The energy on stage is trance inducing, the syncopated rhythm of tap shoes, the pleasant cacophony of notes both smooth and sharp from the horn section.

Sinking into the burgundy velvet seat with a smile, I submit and am taken on a journey, a journey back in time, to Harlem, the year is 1932, the location - The Cotton Club, where after midnight, the joint starts swinging.

Easily the best musical I've experienced in years, Broadway's hit 'After Midnight' is a glorious celebration of life. It is impossible to leave the  Brooks Atkinson Theatre with anything but a smile on your face.

'After Midnight' features some of the best dancing and singing on Broadway alongside the musical genius of the esteemed Jazz At Lincoln Center All-Stars playing the music of Duke Ellington. Win! Win! and Win!!!

The numbers move quickly, the music swings wildly and after the hour and a half is up, your tapping feet are left wanting more.

If you leave the theatre unable to face reality, you can always head up to Harlem and visit the Cotton Club for yourself.

Yes, the Cotton Club is still in operation, located at 656 W 125th St, there are events most evenings.

Nominated for seven Tony Awards, 'After Midnight' is set to close this month, but if you hurry, you can still make it.

It is well worth the trek to Broadway whether you're coming from Brooklyn, New Jersey, San Diego, or Iceland.

You've got to see this show. You won't be sorry.