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The Ultimate Unwind Virtual Workshop

Join me on Saturday, July 15th at 2pm (EST) for this blissfully relaxing workshop designed specifically to help you unwind.

Prepare to bliss out with the ultimate relaxation trifecta: Restorative Yoga, Essential Oil Aromatherapy and Reiki!

In this grounding and informative workshop, you'll learn to create balance and calm through the use of Restorative Yoga poses. Learn about and receive hands on Reiki treatments while letting your nose guide your journey as we explore a variety of essential oils and learn how to draw upon their properties to enhance relaxation.

The Ultimate Unwind is a live interactive Restorative Yoga and Aromatherapy workshop that will include distance Reiki healing.

In order to participate, you will need:

  1. To register and pay in full by July 1st 2017(the workshop cost is $30.00)
  2. Have access to Google Hangouts via your smartphone, tablet or computer

Your workshop materials will be mailed to you in a package prior to the date of the course. The contents of your package will include: handouts, essential oil samples, ground coffee, burning sage.

Additional materials that you'll need will include:

  1. a yoga mat or blanket
  2. two pillows (the bigger the better)
  3. a belt or tie
  4. a second blanket
  5. two yoga blocks (or anything that can be substituted as such ex) boxes of tissues, boxes of baby wipes, large books, shoe boxes... *bonus points for creativity! )

We will start promptly at 2pm EST and will:

  • Get an overview of aromatherapy with an in depth review of four essential oils/blends
  • Gain an understanding of various essential oils to use to aid in relaxation
  • Learn how to create your own essential oil blends
  • Get an overview of Restorative Yoga
  • Learn five Restorative Yoga poses (you will be skillfully guided through each) that you can easily practice at home to encourage relaxation and stress-relief
  • Get an overview of Reiki
  • Receive distance Reiki healing

Your investment - $30.00