Akashic Records Reading- Exploration Session


Akashic Records Reading- Exploration Session


The Akashic Records, hold all of the information about your soul’s journey from the moment it arrived in human form up until this point. Intimate, transformative and deeply revelatory, Akashic Readings can be done both in person and long distance via ZOOM conference.


An Akashic Reading is a journey into the self. During your exploratory reading, I’ll access your records and you will have the opportunity to ask 5 questions having to deal with past, present or future.

I’ll hold space as you meditate on an intention and I will provide guidance with how to ask your questions- ex) questions may not have a “yes” or “no” answer.

When you’re ready, we’ll dive into the records. You can think of the Akashic Records as a library of your soul. Everything your soul has ever thought, done, said, or wondered over the span of time that it has been in existence along with future possibilities exist in the records. This soul library is accessible through a reading and often times ancestors, spirit guides and other beloved guardians step forward with messages and wisdom to help inform the present.


Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning primary substance, or that from which all things are formed. This primal substance is energy, energy both spiritual and physical that characterizes our unadulterated soul essence.

During your Akashic Reading, you’ll have the ability to interact with this great spiritual resource and gain understanding, guidance and wisdom to process your world as it exists presently, in earthly time and space.

An exploratory reading typically takes about 45 minutes. You are encouraged to record our session for later reference. Follow-up packages are available for your support.


People are Saying:

“Sojourner’s Akashic Records session was spot on! The answers I got felt like a confirmation of what I had been debating over. Now I feel prepared to move forward, free from overthinking. Thank you Sojourner!”

-Krista Giffin, (Los Angeles, California)

“One of Sojourner’s many talents is having the ability to set an environment where one feels safe and relaxed. It is from this environmental tone setting, that I felt allowed to open up and ask incredibly vulnerable questions for my reading. Sojourner did not judge, and did not interject her own opinion when the session was over. She simply reassured me that the universe was speaking to me and its up to me to take what was given from the questions asked. I’ve had two sessions so far and will definitely be booking some more sessions.”

-Jere Davis, (Brooklyn, New York)