Turning inwards, digging deep to release stagnant spaces, liberating creativity through fluid breath driven movement, this is how I've found a sanctuary in my yoga practice. Devotion, creativity and joy are three words that reflect my yoga teaching style. I teach a slow but challenging dancing flow. Using lively world music beats and the meditative pulse of the heart, my classes are an invitation to refresh, relax and reconnect with yourself and your primal creativity. I have a great deal of respect for the philosophy and wisdom found in classical yoga and balance my approach to Vinyasa with equal parts of playfulness, fluidity and introspection.

I graduated from Niagara University with a BFA in Musical Theatre and a minor in English. I began my professional career popping out of a barrel while simultaneously breaking into song on an Off-Broadway stage in NYC. Two years later, I graduated from New York University with a MA in Educational Theatre and later from Pace University with a MST in Secondary English Education and began teaching English and Drama in New York City public schools through Teach for America. I spent a little over a decade teaching in New York City and abroad, writing, directing plays, developing myself as a yogi and holistic practitioner and traveling. I received my 200-hour Vinyasa Flow teacher certification from Laughing Lotus Yoga in New York City in 2008 and began teaching private classes, group classes and in schools to both teachers and students.

I'm currently based in New York and Maryland, between which I'm pursuing my 500- hour teacher certification and my Thai Yoga Massage certification. Additionally trained in Restorative yoga, I teach private 1-on-1 yoga classes, semi-private classes and group classes in a variety of studios, schools and spaces from Brooklyn, New York to Washington, DC (you can find my public teaching schedule here). In addition to teaching classes, I've had the pleasure of leading several workshops that have allowed me to combine my passion for creative writing (there's a novel in my soul),  my knowledge of aromatherapy and Ayurveda (which I studied in New York), and my gifts as a Reiki master (I trained in New York and Japan) with my yoga teaching. I also lead yoga teacher trainings at Refresh Yoga Center in Alexandria, Virginia and for YoKid, a nonprofit organization based in Alexandria, Virginia. 

In my classes, I invite you to tap into your creative core to free your self-expression and voice. With each inhale, we'll cool and expand. With each exhale, we'll soften and warm. My yoga classes are about so much more than athleticism and fitness, they're about connecting breath with movement, finding and trusting in balance, and grounding down to uncover the courage to embrace challenges both on and off the mat. Each new moment ushers in a new energy, a new dynamic and we greet these moments with breath and movement.


Be fierce and strong like the sun.

Radiant and kind like the moon.

May your heart, like silver starlight,

shine in the velvet dark sky.


I look forward to meeting you soon on the mat!